Building Awareness through Customer Feedback

20 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Social Media – Day 17

When you want an opinion, you ask someone that you trust, right? When it comes to business, you can do the same thing. What better opinion than that of your customers and dedicated readership? Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising. Make it work for you through your social media outlets.

The Feedback Loop

You may have heard of a feedback loop. Basically, one action inspires a certain reaction that leads back to the initial action. the chain of events forms a loop that continues until something breaks the cycle. With your business, customer feedback can initiate a feedback loop that can be positive for your company.

We already know that people trust real people. Most consumers these days who buy online or even in the store will look online for information and insights about products and services before investing their time and money. Offer this same benefit for the traffic you are trying to attract to your social media pages.

Here are some ways to get the ball rolling.

Surveys – whenever a purchase is made, send an email survey to each customer. Link to a simple multiple choice survey that also offers an option for write-in responses. Compile that information into stats that can be shared on your social media sites.

Customer reviews – this is some of the most sought-after information today. Since buying online is as easy as pointing and clicking, people will spend the time to read countless reviews of products before agreeing to buy. Reviews detail what was liked, disliked, loved and hated about the items purchased. They also include an overall score based usually on a 5-star scale.

Encourage customers to write reviews of their purchases. Offer online coupons or other incentives for doing so. You are not paying for a good review but thanking them for their time and assistance, no matter what the review says.

Endorsements – do you have some really loyal customers? Ask them if they would write a blurb or two in favor of a certain product that they have come to love and depend on. In essence, they are telling the story of their experience with your product. These snippets can feature in your online store or on social sites like Pinterest where images with words work very well. Encourage them to even provide the image which can be featured across all social media sites.

Customers are your best resource for building awareness of and trust in your brand.

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