Content is the Way to a Customer’s Heart

20 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Social Media – Day 8

People are savvy these days when it comes to the Internet. They are not just searching for fluff, but concrete facts and information that they can use. No matter what you’ve heard, content is still king in these parts and people want as much of it as you can give them.

Customers are not swayed by a sales pitch alone. There has to be something more. Businesses are learning to use strategies that involve emotion to draw the customer in. we are not talking about or condoning trickery in any way. It has been shown time and time again that people become loyal customers of certain products when there is an emotional attachment of some kind involved.

Here’s an example. A kid watches a Nike commercial where someone much like them wears the shoes to practice basketball day in and day out, rain or shine. In the next shot, that same kid is now playing in college or the NBA, still wearing Nike shoes. A child or parent watching that who has felt the tug of greatness will associate that brand of shoe with hard work and success.

Content can achieve the same thing for you. Customers don’t want to be preached to 24/7 about buying your products, even if they are part of your niche audience. What they want is to know how your product can impact their lives in a positive way. They are looking for added value.

Content on your website focuses on providing information on subjects and issues related to your products or service. If you own a landscaping business, offer content on the best plants for a shady lot or what shrubs are best for attracting butterflies to a garden. Keywords are crucial in your content because you want to use words that people search for that will lead them back to you.

Before someone buys a lawn mower, they might first want to find out how to cut their lawn for the best curb appeal. If you have that information in a well-written article or blog post, chances are they will read it and visit your site for more helpful articles as well as products for purchase.

Any article that you write on your website can be linked to on your social media page. This gives people who find you on Facebook first, an opportunity to preview the types of information they will find on your website.

Helpful content grows a business.

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