Guest Blogging and Social Media

20 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Social Media – Day 18

The idea of social media is to build relationships that will enhance your business. If the relationship is with your traffic, then you may increase your email list and by extension, your sales. If the relationship is with another business, you can also increase visibility, traffic, and sales. Guest blogging is one way to cultivate B2B relationships and also drive traffic to your website.

Guest Spots

Guest blogging is almost like making a guest appearance on a popular television talk show. If millions of people watch the show and you happen to have an opportunity to appear, then those same people will want to know all about you. With blogging, the idea is to drive traffic to your website through the influence of bloggers who are highly influential in their niche areas. The trust that they garner from their followers translates into respect for whomever they choose to endorse. In essence, they are willing to share their audience with you.

One thing you should know about guest blogging is that it involves cultivating relationships. Someone who is a guru in their blogosphere is not going to simply allow anyone to guest on their site. They need to know something about you, your product, your following and what you can potentially do for them.

Within your social media sites, discover whom else has captured the heart of your audience. These fan pages may advertise businesses that sell similar or complementary products to your own. It may even be a service-oriented company. Visit their pages. Post questions and make comments. Get involved and get to know them. Register on their radar. Link to their content on your page.

You can also research the top blog in your niche market and build relationships with them. Some sites offer guest blogging opportunities. Don’t look to write to everyone. Stay within your niche market so that you are writing for the same audience that you already have for your products. the idea is to drive traffic your way using the influence of well-known and established people with large networks. Research is helpful to find the types of blogs with the high ratings you desire.

Guest blogging opportunities allow you to create links to these spots on your social media pages. Most allow you to include a link to your website for their audiences. Create well-written and appropriate content for these sister sites and the venture will be a win-win situation for all involved.

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