Using Social Media to Build your Email List

20 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Social Media – Day 15

It’s great to see all those visitors flocking to your social media fan pages. One of your goals was to increase visibility and find untapped pockets within your niche market. But now that you have begun to achieve that goal, what’s next? Don’t let all of those new visitors go to waste.

People are naturally untrusting when it comes to interacting online – and protecting their information. If you don’t give them a call to action, they won’t just give it up. Even if you have increased the “likes” on your fan pages, there is more than you can do to further tap into this market.

Make it Easy to Add Subscribers

You are your list when it comes to operating a business in the online arena and offline too for that matter. So, use that increased traffic from your interested market to build your email list.

Advertise your social media campaign on social media. Give viewers a look at what you are sending out to your current list of subscribers. Maybe you send them free white papers, newsletters or video tutorials. Now, fans can see what more they could gain access to if they sign up.

Share a snippet from the latest newsletter you sent out to your list. Ask a question about it and then encourage responses to your post. In the end, you can divulge that there is more helpful information in the complete newsletter.

Utilize different media to advertise your email campaigns. A podcast or a video that offers highlights of what the campaign is promoting can be shared and promoted across each social media site you belong to. Now the word is out to your audience in a variety of places.

Offer incentives. Viewers are always looking for value. Offer a coupon for a percentage off of their first purchase if they opt into your email list as subscribers. Place the call to action on all social media sites. Make sure it links to the opt-in page on your website. If you offer them a coupon or another gift, ensure that when they send the information that it redirects them automatically to their gift.

When new subscribers join your list, remember your commitment to keep their information safe and always provide them with something of value with each email campaign. To further grow your list, each email you send needs to incorporate social media icons so they can share information with others.

Social media is a good way to build a subscriber list.

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