Icons Make It Easy to Post to Social Media

20 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Social Media – Day 10

One thing that social media encourages is sharing. People share links to articles, recommend pages, retweet something they like, and so on. Everyone wants to let others know when they have found a good thing. That can work in your favor.

How can you encourage others to share your content? Make sure that you give them the tools to do so. Most sites embed social media icons on their website pages. The idea is to make it easy for people who are members of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon, and all the others to get the word out.

First, however, you must become familiar with these platforms and have a profile. With a profile, it is easier to find you there once someone happens upon something shared from your site. Since you are a member, they can pop on over and visit your page to discover more about you.

Second, provide the type of content that can be shared on these platforms. For example, include as many images as you can on your website and specifically with each article that you post. If you have a weekly podcast on your site, create links for them that make them easy to post to social media and bookmarking sites. Videos are wildly popular and engage people on another level.

Ensure that an icon is present for each article and blog post. Anyone who is a member of the sites can click on the icon. A box will pop up allowing you to post and add a comment for friends in your social network.

Encourage your readers to share this information with others. Giving them a call to action directs them to do just that. It’s not wrong to tell your readers what you want from them. It keeps them focused on you. While you’re at it, share the information with your social media network. Let them know that your business has a social media presence. Ask them to visit and share the page, repost articles, tweets, pins, and bookmarks with others to spread the word about your enterprise.

Don’t stop there. Any emails that you send out to subscribers can include the same icons that are featured on your website. Now, they know that you can be found on these sites. That’s another reason to use your business name as your profile name. again include a call to action asking them to seek you out on social media.

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